New Theme : Duotone

New Theme: Duotone

by Noel

Happy Holidays! To spice up the coming weekend I’m here to present you with Duotone. Duotone is the successor to our highly popular photo blogging theme, Monotone. Duotone is very similar, but comes with lots of under the hood enhancements.

Duotone, a Photo-blogging Theme

Background color options

Along with an enhanced color algorithm that automatically picks the best colors to accent your image, Duotone carries some nice options for choosing a static color background.

Duotone also sports a nice widget area down at the bottom of the page. Perfect for three widgets of your choice.

And to appeal to the avid photographers, EXIF data is now shown for photographs if it exists.

We hope you enjoy Duotone!

Check out the demo over at

Check out the widget areas and EXIF data!


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