Update Facebook & Twitter From WordPress

Publicize: Facebook

by mdawaffe

You can now send your WordPress.com posts to Facebook.

post published to Facebook

Joining our Yahoo and Twitter features is the latest in WordPress.com’s Publicize family: Facebook.

The feature can be enabled from your Dashboard → My Blogs admin page. Once you enable it, you’ll be directed through an authorization procedure to confirm that you want to connect your WordPress.com blog and your Facebook account.

These connections are per blog and per user, so those of you with several blogs can choose which ones to connect, and those of you with multiple authors on one blog can each hook up your Facebook accounts separately.

More details can be found on the Publicize support page.


Some of you may have been getting error messages asking you to authorize your connection with Facebook even though you already did that.

We think we’ve found this bug, so the error message will go away, but you’ll have to re-authorize that connection once more. Go back to My Blogs, uncheck Facebook, recheck Facebook and click the authorization button again. If that doesn’t work go through the steps outlined here. Failing that, we’ll be happy to help you out if you contact support.


7 thoughts on “Update Facebook & Twitter From WordPress

  1. amel

    mau nanya nih, cara nghapus grup di facebook gimana yah, tp udah ga ada pengurus sama pendirinya, jd gimana nih cara hapusnya??????????? tolong yah… mksh


    1. ilyasafsoh.com Post author

      Laporkan saja ke Facebook

      ada tautan yang bisa di klik

      terus berikan alasan yang jelas.

      saat melapor gunakan bahasa Inggris

      selamat mencoba



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