blog with 50.000 click per month

it`s not a big result if the blog clicked 50.000 per month.  Because the admin of the blog seriously to maintain (read : care) of his blog.The advantage of the blog that through 50.000 click for a month :

  • The blog will become the referall about blogging
  • support for the adsense program
  • can serv ads by posting like review
  • and much of varians advantage for the blogger


But, to through 50.000 click per month need : hard effort from the blogger, and smart work blogging.
but, How?

  • The answer can we get from browsing or searching in google, yahoo, etc search engine
  • By blog walking, and if we are lucky we will find the article who apropriate like we want
  • By buy the handbook of succes in blogging and Internet
  • doing posting the new article for our blog ” Original Posting”


The blog who clicking 50.000 per month have different style, different content, different value, not same as many average blog.
we can call special blog from the special belongs  heart of blogger
He or she blogging because becoming a blogger is heart calling.


ILYAS AFSOH | +6288 1296 3105 | +6224 700 450 78 | INDONESIAN BLOGGERS
LIVE IN Central java : Semarang


4 thoughts on “blog with 50.000 click per month

  1. achoey

    kau mulai pakai postingan english euy hehe
    loadingnya lama nih.

    Ada yg baru bgt tuh, jdlah yg pertamax 🙂

    Oh ya, daku orang Sunda, tapi kata orang sih mirip Chinese. Tapi kan yg penting orang Indonesia hehe



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