Number One Blogger in Blogosphere

Do you Know who`s the number  one in blogosphere ? Nor any body , No old blogger, or not International blogger with billion $$$  income from the internet .

today , tomorrow and forever :
I want we, change our mind set about the number one blogger.

Because the Answer who is the number on Blogger is You,
You thay have a blog, although you are new in blogging. Consiuos that you are the special one, remember that number one in blogging is You.

The Number One Blogger ver me is Me, My self.
I am The number One in Blogging,
With My Blog :

The Formula to define The Number One Blogger is No Formula.
The Rule to describe The Number One blogger is No Rule.

from that day : If Anybody asking to you : Who is the Number One Blogger ?
Tell everybody : Your blog is Number One, Your URL is the best, Your Version
the argument is simple, :
You were working hard to create a blog, think about article that you were posted, why you not tell about your blog,
You tell about other people that not your blog .

that`S Not radical Article .
Its Just My Article In My bLOG .

ILYAS AFSOH | +62821 4150 2649 | +6224 700 450 78 |
Indonesian Number One blogger


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